Saturday, November 23, 2013

The real 'Najah'.

If possible,  whatever I write in my blog, I am trying to be so careful with what I write here, in case it is going to hurt anyone's feelings in any ways. And also, I have always believed that we will be tested on what we said. That is why in any post, the post is a reminder especially for myself first then only others. :)

I learn that a real Najah(my name in Arabic means success) ;) does not mean when you are better than the others, but it means when you can be better than yesterday. That is the real success. Deep in everyone's heart, everyone wants to be a good person right? I want to be one too! High five!

But the path to be a good person who has a good heart is not easy. Our desire dislike things which are good for our heart. There is a hugeeee conflict of interest between our desire and heart, no wonder I personally find it very difficult to be steadfast in doing good things. But then I remember clearly the conversation I had with my Ustadha Hamidah when I was 17. I said to her; 

" Can you please give me an advice to keep myself stay close to Islam no matter what happens in my life especially after school, when there is no teachers will  be there to make me solah on time, in jamaah, recite Quran, wake me up for Qiyam. "

She said;

"Look after your solah and do not ever leave the Quran."

In life, we can make a long list of thing need to be done in order to help us to have a good heart. But then, as a beginner to have a good heart, the first thing I said to myself to do is, let us look after our solah. An ustadh said once, if you are doing solah, but it does not prevent you from doing sins and helping you to do more good things, then check the quality of your solah. Means, there is definitely something wrong in your solah. Let us see what we can learn out of our solah to practise in life.

When we said Allahuakbar, its a reminder to us, no matter how great our problems are in life, Allah is always the Greatest. He will help us to solve them.

If we find it hard to concentrate in solah, its even harder to concentrate in other tasks such as in lectures.Imagine how hard we tried sometimes to just stay awake in lectures; drink coffee, chewing sweets, sleep early at nights. So, why not we try harder to stay focus in our solah?  The ability to concentrate in our solah will help us to concentrate in other tasks in life. So lets work on this insyaAllah.


Solah in western world especially in public area, (we have a very limited space to pray) made us very very very conscious about what are the non muslims thinking about us while praying. Forget about them. Solah is a special relation between you and Allah. You are not trying to please them but you are pleasing Allah. If their thoughts are making you worried so much, this reflects on how much you want to please people than Allah.So, in our life, lets get our intention straight; to please Allah before we start doing the actions.

To pray at its earliest time as possible. Imagine we are so late to meet our consultant for the very first time in our hospital placement, how do we feel?

"Oh crap! I just made a very bad first impression about myself to my clinical supervisor and how this is gonna help me for my whole placement here especially he is the one who is going to sign me off?"

And what we have done about impressing Allah?He is the One who is going to sign us off in the hereafter.So lets make very good impressions about ourselves to Allah in pleasing Him by being punctual to pray our solat at its earliest time, even better in jamaah.

I remember an Imam who is also a doctor in Queen's hospital during khutbah jumaah once said;

"Work hard, put a sincere effore and have a strong desire to do our obligatory prayers. BE PASSIONATE while walking to prayer room."


Okay, I am in the middle of doing my assignments and I ran out of ideas and I need to submit them by tomorrow. But then it's time to pray Asar. While praying, that is the time when your brain started to think of new  and brilliant ideas to add  in your assignment. Okay, alright I am gonna add them as soon as I finish praying. Let s get this solah done quickly.,

Wait a second Najah?!! What is this?! There were two problems.
1. Why you start thinking about your assignment in solah? You were not focusing!
2. "Let's get this solah done quickly." NO means you are not practising sabar Najah.

Sabar is when you fight with your desires in order to please Allah. While praying, I should have constantly fight with my brain and my heart to concentrate on my solah rather than letting myself got carried away with my assignments. Secondly, I should have not rushed in solah! NO. It's wrong! Imagine you are meeting someone who you respect so so so much and need his help in every single thing in your life, then you just blurted words which you did not understand them and just left the meeting when you are done. It does not sound right at all, right? We should talk and ask for his help properly. Only words from heart will touch another heart, then only the person who ask help from will feel our sincerity and help us in any way he wants. That is when we are dealing with human beings. Imagine how we should have been when we are asking help for Allah?

At the end of the day, The Super Great Allah does not need our solah to show how great He is. The solah itself is for us to help ourselves to meet the purpose of our life.

Okay, that is all for now. I need to go to do some work. If you have anything else, feel free to add them! :)

May Allah help and guide us to be mukmins who try our best to look after our solah, ameen!


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Naqib, this one goes to you! ;)

In 2005, my brother, Nabil got an offer to study medicine overseas. That was the exact moment when he inspired me so much to do well in my SPM (Malaysian Certificate of Education), get a scholarship and then thinking of studying medicine in the UK or Ireland. Personally, I have always wanted to give something really big as a gift to my parents, so I said to myself, lets get A star for all of my ten subjects as a gift to them.

Personally, with the help of Allah, I think I worked so hard. So so so hard until I slept like only 4-5 hours averagely and I did not even sleep during the day. I did not know how I survived in the class for the next day but alhamdulillah amazingly I did. Sometimes with the help of a picture of a guy I liked back in school, I became more awake then became more attentive during class. :P

Anyway, SPM exam passed and the results came out. Instead of getting 10 A stars, I got 9 A star and 1 B. To be honest, I was so sad  because I could not give my parents the gift I wanted them to have so badly.  I went back home, crying and sat in my room for the whole day. No one in the family had the courage to talk me.

But then, I said to myself. No, I could not stay sad forever. This will never change my SPM result. Believe in Allah, He did not give what I wanted because He wanted to give something that is much much much better. Since then I never look back. I took IB diploma and alhamdulillah here I am in Barts as a final year medical student. 

This personal experience made me reflected a lot on how I used to think, act and behave before when I was younger: 

1. Have the correct intention in doing everything. So in this SPM case, studying and sitting for the exam. 

: Do something not to please people around you but to please Allah.Only Him. 

2. Do not depend to your ability, but depend solely to Allah. 

: Depending on our ability will only make us lead a stressful life as there are things that are beyond control as they are within Allah's control. Change something that is within our control.

3. Allah will always give us what we need in life, not what we want.

: To be honest I actually so grateful that I went through this experience. This prove to me that how much you do or you work for something, in the end Allah will give you what He thinks the best for you, not what you think is the best for you because only Allah knows what we do not know.

4. The process of getting the much more important than the outcome itself.

: All the process as in working so hard, helping out friend to do well in their studies, sitting for the exams, and most importantly, how my response on what happened. Alhamdulillah, these things have made myself today. 

5. A constant dua is very important as our effort. Dua is a subconscious thingy, do not leave it at the very  end.

: People always said, do your effort, then doa then tawakkal.But actually, I learned from an ustadh, he said that dua is something you do all the time. All the time. Not only after you finish with your effort. :) Allah even said, make dua to Me, I will answer them. ;)

So this post goes to my little brother, Naqib who is currently sitting for his SPM and also it is a reminder to myself to practise on things I know. Whatever happens in the future, embrace it and always see what we could learn out of it. So we will be more sabr and syukur in life, insyaAllah. 


as your only sister, there is nothing more I have always wanted for you except whatever happen to you is the best  in the eye of Allah. So please do your best for your exam. I strongly believe that you have tried your best to revise and making dua to Allah. I wrote this with the hope to make you feel more confident to perform your best and convince you that is the crucial time for you to put your whole trust in Allah and He will absolutely decide what is the best for you. Make loadss of dua and I will always keep you and your friends in my dua too! :)

I love you loads. Study and jawap leklok okay?

Naqib, here are some tissues to wipe your tears while reading this, I know I am being extra sweet here :p. 

P/S: To you who are reading this, please make dua Allah will ease everything for my younger brother, his friends and all other SPM candidates. May Allah provide them the strength to do their best. Ameen!

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Assalam ;)

How are you? Alhamdulillah, I am all good.Makin meningkat umur makin banyak fikir. I am not sure if this post is going to benefit you or not, but insyaAllah I hope it will in some ways :). 

Yesterday, I was thinking loads.People who knew me, they knew how crazy I could be at times. I love fun things loads. I am very opened which I think sometimes to a certain extent that is still the case when I am with my close girlfriends. High school friends. I used to be very open but at the same time, trying my best in practising Islam. Stick tightly on things what I think its right and stay away from the wrong ones. But after being here for at least four years, I came to a point of realization that I am a quite different person now than a person I used to be. I think and see life differently. Just like seasons, people do change. You change and I change too. Constantly. But most importantly, lets change for better kan? It is still long way to go to be a good and pious woman, but with the right intention, Allah surely will guide us, insyaAllah. :)

I am 24. So lets list 24 things up to see what can we do in our journey to Allah.

1. Remember Allah loads, making dua and do selawat loads loads and loads to the Prophet.
2. Be a good daughter, wife and mother who is beautiful inside and out.
3. Get a degree in Medicine. Be successful in family and career life.
4. Never tired learning about Islam and Arabic. Learn and practise and practise and practise.
5. Fall in love with the right man at the right time.
6. Look after solah and increase the level of khusyuk.
7.  A woman who loves to smile and only brings out her best at the cost of great pain.
8. Never hold grudges.Forgive, forget and love in return.
9. Have lots of love in her.
10. Calm, sabr and syukur no matter whatever happens.
11. Die in husnul khatimah.
12. Treat and help people nicely for sake of Allah and have no expectations in return.
13. Having the right intention in everything she does.
14. Does not waste time on things will not benefit her.
15. Be pure, pretty, honest and clean woman.
16. Matured, proactive and wise in making decisions.
17. Put other people first not herself.
18. Always think good of other people no matter how hard it is!
19. Start with small things. Be consistent. Then go for big things.
20. Believe in moderation.
21. Hide good deeds as much as she wants to hide her sins.
22. Do crazy things! and have fun in life! But lets not get involved or even come near to haraam things. :)
23. Do not put Dunya in her heart but put it in her hands.
24. Covering her aurah properly. Try bit by bit. Its not easy but insyaAllah its doable.

Okay, lets concentrate on these ones. Its actually a lot to be honest. But its okay, take one step at a timeee.Allah will surely help us. insyaAllah. May Allah guide our heart and show us to the right path. Ameen.

I need to go. I talked too much and I need to remind myself to do these things. Trying my best for the sake of Allah. insyaAllah. Okay. Babaii. Take care. <3 br="">

Wassalam. :)