Monday, February 4, 2013


Assalam and Hi! 

How are you? Alhamdulillah, I am all good! :)

This is a random post really. I was on my way back in the train with my GP-mates, when they started to ask me so many questions regarding Islam out of curiosity.There were two of them. I am the only one moslem who was trying my best with Allah's help to give the best possible answer. I found it quite tricky especially with my lack of knowledge and also, with the language barriers.It was all started when my moslem friend was telling us that she is going to Mecca for umrah next week during the GP placement but she was not there when this whole Q&A took place, since she drove back home from GP. 

I just listed them out so that I could seek someone's help or try to prepare a better answer for next time. insyaAllah. If someone has some opinion on these questions, please help me out, yeah? Please. 


I really want to write more. But seriously, my time. I do not have much time really.Been quite busy lately. Tapi please siapa yang ada opinion, tolong eh. Thanks ! :)