Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Assalam! How are youu? Hope you[yes you! the one who is reading this ;) ] are in the best of imaan and health.

Ya Allah Ya Rabb Ya Kareem. It has been 5 months since my last post. Masa. Cepatnya berlalu.

So after 5 months, now hopefully I am back as a more matured (insyaAllah :P)and wise young lady who is currently in her final year of Medicine! :)) Alhamdulillah ya Rabb!

I cant believe it. Dah nak habis Medicine. Alhamdulillah ya Allah. No matter how much we say alhamdulillah , no matter how much ibadah we do to please Him, it will never be enough to compensate all the Nikmah that Allah has given us. Never! So, lets never stop to thank Him for providing us the strength to thank Him. :) Thank you Allah <3 br="">

"Resipi kebahagian adalah bersyukur. Hanya orang bersyukur adalah orang bahagia. Dan orang yang hanya mampu bersyukur adalah orang yang bertaqwa. " [Prof Muhaya]


I was thinking. In life, we normally blame or complaint, being so judgmental about other people's behaviour and trying hard to fix their character to be like us as if we are the best?!This is obviously good because we want them to be good as much as we want it for ourselves. 

But then just before we were about to comment about someone's character to other people, wait a second. Wait and reflect first. Remind ourselves about our own character. So Najah, tell me is your character good enough already until you have time to reflect and commenting on other people's character. Of  course, the answer is always no.

Building up a good character in ourselves is like a never ending jihad.It's difficult. Our nafs doesn't like good things but our heart loves them loads! Orang sakitkan hati kau, and the best thing to do is sakitkan hati dia balik. Cakap benda yang bagi dia marah. Baru puas hati. :P Tapi ini tak bolehh. Its not good. Allah doesnt like this. Allah loves us to make other people happy.

"If you make other people happy for the sake of Allah, then Allah will never fail to make you happy. "

So in the future, if we see someone with a bad character then keep it to ourselves as a learning lesson. This is totally okay! But then when we start sharing it with others, then its not okay. It s really not okay as it is wrong.Lets remember this before kita start cakap pasal orang lain.
We will be tested on what we said. So be extra careful on what we say especially about other people.

I spent too much writing this post. Lama tak tulis blog so idea macam kacau bilau sedikit. Sorry! :p

Okay kena berundur. insyaAllah, I ll be more organised after this. Take care.