Sunday, January 26, 2014

Final exam

26th January 2014: 50 days before my final exam of medical school.

MashaAllah. Time flies too fast. The sentence I always repeat to myself or any people who I met after I havent seen them for quite some time.

I had a very intense weekend, 2 days of Dr Clarke's Medicine and Surgery Course. This weekend is the most productive weekend ever in my medical school, academically.Magic. Haha.

Tomorrow is my GP intro day. For another 6 weeks. Then study break. Then exam. Then Spring Break Holiday. Then Elective. Then insyaAllah, graduation day.

Please make dua I ll be more focus in my studies. The nearer the exam is, the tempation to do other things other than studying is getting higher too! 

Tak boleh camne Najah. Dah Najah. Okay, I need to go. Take care. Wassalam.