Sunday, November 9, 2014

-------“You have everything about you.”-------

Someone I knew once said this to me.

Aku terdiam. Berfikir panjang.  Everything?. No, I don’t. The grass on the other side is always greener kan. Always. Your friends’ posts on FB/Instagram/Twitter even your own posts. People nampak macam bestnya hidup dia/kita.  Ada dua rasa we can pick; nak rasa emo sebab jeles or nak rasa happy sebab genuinely happy pasal that person is happy. Tapi thats it. 

Social media is really a snapshot about your life. A snapshot about a moment of happiness/sadness/anger/ whatever mood you tried to potray in that particular post. It doesn’t tell you more than that. Unless you actually live/stay/travel with that person for many days. Then only you know the conflicts that she/he has within herself/himself, people around her/him, family issues, financial issues, health issues etc.

But this is not the license for you to feel happier or luckier if you are actually better off than that person bila tahu all the problems she/ he has in life. The idea is to reflect within ourselves, setiap orang ada struggle dia sendiri termasuk kita. Paling penting kita bersyukur bila senang, sabar bila susah. Kalau rasa tak sabar dah, ambil sabar yang baru letak atas kesabaran yang lama supaya kita lebih banyak sabar lagi. 

I still remember one of the scholars said, 

“Kedengkian hanya akan memakan amal kebaikan kita.”

So better not. Kalau ada rasa jealous, lepaskan perasaan itu. Lepaskan, its not good for ourselves. Meh sama sama rasa happy. Kalau kita nak post something dengan niat nak jeleskan orang lain, then dont post it. Niat dah salah awal.Paling penting niat kita.

Moga yang menulis dan yang membaca ini sama-sama amalkan. insyaAllah J

"Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy."


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